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Established in 2016, Dragon Wood Products was set up as the fuel arm of iGen Renewables Ltd and has been supplying quality dried wood chip to it's clients across South Wales. Taking advantage of Five high capacity wood chip drying floors, we are able to dry and distribute large volumes of high quality wood chip to meet our clients growing demands.

The wood chip that we produce and supply is G50 Grade Virgin Wood Chip made up of soft and hard wood, dried in house to customer requirements usually around 25% moisture content, which is optimal for a calorific output of 4100 kW/h per tonne. The moisture level of the chip also ensures that the Biomass Boiler doesn't burn the wood chip too quickly by being too dry and also doesn't cause the Biomass Boiler to shut down by being too moist.

To ensure our wood chip meets the requirements of your boiler (Set during Commissioning of your boiler) our wood chip meets the requirements of EN 14961 meaning our wood chip will be supplied with the following specifications:

- Composition: Virgin (Not bark or green) mix of soft and hard wood

- Calorigic Value: 4100 kW/h per Tonne

- Moisture Content: Typically between 25-30% as per customer requirements

- Ash Content: Less than 10%

Current RHI Guidelines stipulate that any RHI participants must purchase their Biomass Fuels from a supplier that is registered on the Biomass Supplier List (BSL)

For peace of mind we are also registered on the Biomass Suppliers List and you can view this at any time.

Dragon Wood Products
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